To Start Sending Email with ZoikMail Email Marketing Automation on Cloud, You need an Email ID so that u can Shoot Email Campaigns from that Particular Email ID of a Particular Domain Name and this Domain Name should Owned by You.You have to Add a Sending Domain in our Application Domains list and After Creating a Sending Domain you have Verify the Sending Domain.
Mentioned Steps to Create a Sending Domain in ZoikMail Application:

Step 1:
First click the “Domain” option found at the Left Side Panel.
Step 2: Then Click on “Sending Domains”.

Step 3: 
Then Click on “Create New” which is found at the Right Top Side of the Web Page
Step 4: Enter the Domain Name in the Specified Field.
If your Website URL is, then your Domain Name will be



Step 5: Click on “Save Changes”.


After Clicking of Save Changes, Your four keys would be generated i.e

  • Dkim Private Key.
  • Dkim Public Key.
  • TXT Record.
  • SPF Record.

**Note : Please Don’t Alter the Values of any of the Keys.

Dkim Public & Dkim Private Key are not for As if now. TXT Record & SPF Record are used to Verify your Sending Domain to Start Sending Emails to your Relevant Subscribers.

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