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Creating a subscriber list is fairly simple. Just follow the steps and you will be on the track right away…

Step 1: Go to your dashboard after logging in.

Step 2:After that select the List Option from the left pane.

List Menu in Sidebar Menu
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Step 3:From the drop-down list select Lists

Step 4:Click on the “Create New” button.

Create Now for New List
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You will land into the New List creation page.

This page has all the required fields for creating a subscriber list.

  • General Data fields: This information is needed to set various parameters for the subscribers list.
General Data Section in List Creation
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  • Name: Give a name to the subscriber list which will be shown only in the customer area.
  • Display Name: This name will be used in the campaigns which will be sent to your subscribers, so choose a relevant name.
  • Description: Write an informative and precise description of the newly created list for the subscribers for them to recognize the purpose of the mail.
  • Opt In:
    • Double opt-in: Selecting this will send a subscription confirmation mail post which the customer will be added in your list on filling the subscription form. (Default set to this option)
    • Single Opt-in: Selecting this will directly add a customer to the subscription list without secondary confirmation through email.
  • Opt out:
    • Double opt-out: Selecting this option will send a confirmation mail to the customer for opting out of the subscriber list.
    • Single opt-out: Selecting this option will directly remove the user from the email list without any secondary confirmation. (Default set to this option)
  • Welcome Email: Weather or not to send a welcome email to the customer upon successful addition to the subscriber list from the API calls (The mail will be set in the tutorials later)
  • Sub. not found redirect: This is the url to which the user will be redirected upon fresh registration.
  • Sub. exists redirects: This is the url which the user will be redirected if he already exists in the subscriber list.
  • Sub. require approval: Selecting this option will request your approval for each new subscriber signing in to your list.
  • Defaults:

Defaults will be auto set as per your registration Data filled during signup. You may change this to suit your mailing needs and the application/campaign you need to cater to.

Default Section in List Creation
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  • Notifications:
    • Subscribe: Weather or not to send a notification of new subscriber to you.
    • Subscribe To: The address to which all new subscription notifications would be sent.
    • Unsubscribe: Weather or not the unsubscription notification mails would be sent to you.
    • Unsubscribe To: The mail address where all the unsubscribe notification mails would be sent.
Notification Section in List Creation
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  • Subscriber Actions: These set of setting allow you to set the duplicacy of users in your various lists.
    • Actions when subscribe: This tab shows you your existing subscriber lists(if any) from which you need to remove duplicate subscribers if you want. Selecting a list will result a user in getting unsubscribed from the previous list and joining the new list silently(no mail would be sent to the subscribers about the change in subscription)
    • Actions when unsubscribe: This tab lists all the existing subscriber lists(if any) selecting a list would result in the subscriber being unsubscribed from the selected list as well when he subscribes from this list silently(unsubscription mails for the other list would not be sent, only this list’s unsubscribe mail would be sent).
  • Company Details: These details are defaults set while registering the account on . You can change these values if you need to change the details from the email’s footer. These details are mandatory as this identifies the sender and thus help your customers to know you.
    • The fields are self-explanatory. Change them sensibly and according to your needs. Refrain from putting inaccurate data in these fields as this may lead to discontinuation of services or other consequences.
    • Address format: Set the Address format based on the details using the global variables given in caps.
Company Details Section in List Creation
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Step 5: Save the changes and proceed with the newly created list.

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