You can change and Customize the Messages appearing on all of your Forms. The purpose of this feature is to facilitate you to give a personal touch to your subscription forms. You need to have Basic Knowledge of HTML Language to continue with this tutorial.

You can edit the following Pages/Email Templates/Pages in this section to Suit your ZoikMail Application:

  • Subscribe Form.
  • Pending Subscribe.
  • Subscription Confirmed.
  • Update Profile.
  • Unsubscribe Form.
  • Unsubscribe Confirmation.
  • Subscription Confirm Email.
  • Unsubscribe Confirm Email.
  • Welcome Email.
  • Subscription Confirmed approval.
  • Subscription Confirmed Approval Email.

Editing/Personalizing Subscription Form:

The Subscription form is the primary source of information collection for your Customers. This section deals with the Editing of the HTML Data of the Forms so that you have a form that suits your Application’s Needs.

Step 1: Once into the Lists section, click on the Manage button on the Pages Tab.

Click on Pages to Customize the Form & Email Templates
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Step 2: Click on the Select another List Page to Edit Dropdown Button.

Click on Dropdown to Select Form/Email Templates
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Step 3: Select the Subscribe Form Option from the List.

Select Form / Email Template on which you want to Change
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Step 4: Click on the Source button and edit the message as per your needs or simply you can change the text from the current screen as well.

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